ENAiKOON's construction equipment software: inViu pro

Use inViu with the right GPS devices, accessories, and mobile applications for the best solution that meets all of your specific needs.

Choose suitable features to significantly enhance your business and customer relationships and completely customise your solution with our plugins. With inViu's construction equipment software, you save both time and money.

For more information on inViu, download the PDF data sheet or sign up for your free trial.

"Access to machine data at any time, such as operating hours and battery condition is very important for us. In case of problems, we can see in advance what needs to be done. The ENAiKOON telematics system enables us to quantify our rental contracts."
Bernhard Petricevic - Project Manager, Eberle-Hald, Stuttgart, Germany

inViu plugins

Use any of these powerful tools to enhance your solution:

ENAiKOON staff-tracker optimises staff management through identification system, time recording and access control

Improve staff management with an identification system, recording of work hours, and access control.

ENAiKOON fuel-tracker

Save money by monitoring fuel consumption and preventing fuel theft.

ENAiKOON can-66

Provide tailored driving training to your fleet drivers.

ENAiKOON limit-checker

Monitor threshold values of vehicles and construction machinery and save time.

ENAiKOON temp-checker wertet die gemessenen Temperatur-Daten aus und alarmiert bei Über- oder Unterschreitung von Schwellwerten

Continuous monitoring of temperatures with an alert that is sent whenever the temperature falls below or goes over predefined values.