Optimise the the management of your construction fleet

Integrate ENAiKOON telematics devices into your vehicles and machinery to access important data that optimises their management through better maintenance, allocation and performance.

This data also serves as a great reference for recording vehicle and machinery use and optimising operational efficiency.

The easy-to-use software provides an objective overview of your entire fleet of construction equipment and vehicles on one convenient, integrated map.

Machine data monitoring

  • displays position of machinery in real time
  • shows on/off of the machine
  • records operating hours of machinery per construction site
  • reports splitting idling and effective working hours
  • monitors fuel consumption
  • measures vehicle system values
  • shows battery status of machinery
  • remotely controls the power switch of machinery

Areas of application

  • stream-lined maintenance and repair schedules – configurable alerts can be set to notify when certain machine threshold data is surpassed
  • less downtime for broken vehicles – the remote analysis of machine system values allows for quick and precise diagnosis of issues, warranting enough time to take appropriate action, such as buying necessary spare parts and setting a date for the maintenance personnel.
  • clear assignment of maintenance tasks – task notifications are sent to the correct employee to service vehicles and machinery with specific dates, times, and locations
  • fully configurable alerts – different levels of alerts can be configured to give pre-warnings and main alerts to the respective employee and a chief alert to the supervisor if the task is not executed
  • remote shut-down of machinery – used to remotely turn off vehicles, equipment, and machinery when they are left on, outside of business hours, unpaid rental contracts, or in a critical operating state
  • access locations of construction equipment on jobsites - know in real time exactly where your machines are operating
  • view the exact location of each machinery on specific construction sites - keep an overview of your equipment and machinery locations at all times
  • optimise the equipment operation times - enhance the performance of your construction equipment
  • improve cost allocation - easily assign costs to proper cost centres within your company
  • equipment monitoring - at which job at which exact location site is the equipment located
  • better machine and vehicle performance – optimisation of machine performance and fuel efficiency through the analysis of operational behaviour; detailed reports of machine performance can be created through the monitoring of all diagnostic information (including ratio of idling to actual operation, degree of utilisation and capacity, etc.)
  • remote diagnosis of problems – real-time monitoring and mapping of all machinery and vehicle data
  • objective record keeping – create reports with all the information related to a machine or vehicle systems
  • integration with client accounts – all information important for creating customer invoices is recorded, such as fuel consumption, operating hours, and location