Improved construction site security utilising telematics

ENAiKOON's GPS tracking devices transmit the exact position of construction equipment and machinery and their current status. This information can help solve many common security issues, such as machinery theft, fuel theft, and unauthorised use of vehicles and machinery. All of the obtained information about your trackables can be accessed through ENAiKOON's secure online telematics management software. Any unexpected activity or a threat to security will send out an E-mail or text message (SMS) alert, allowing you to take appropriate action. Utilizing ENAiKOON's construction site security solution, our customers data shows a 95% recovery rate when their equipment is stolen.

Protection against theft

  • real-time site monitoring and GPS tracking of all construction equipment
  • immediate detection of fuel, vehicle, accessory, and machine theft
  • alerts in case of unauthorised use of vehicles, equipment, and machinery
  • vehicle and machinery immobiliser

fleet telematic
  • set designated areas of operation or "geofences" - receive an alert whenever a machine enters or leaves a user-defined boundary
  • immobilise vehicles and machinery - remote control of your assets so that they stay within the premises
  • discrete tracking devices that hide in the CEE plug for electrical machinery - ENAiKOON telematics devices can be discretely outfitted into a standard CEE plug; statistics show that our clients have a 95% recovery rate on stolen equipment using this device
construction site theft system
  • large fluctuations in fuel levels - detects unusual consumption of fuel in real time, sending out an E-mail or text message (SMS) alert whenever there an unusual change in the tank level
  • incremental fuel theft - historical fuel consumption reports can help detect repeated small thefts of fuel
  • tank refill accounting - receive reports that show the exact amount of fuel filled at every refill
use of machines
  • monitor operating hours, idling hours, and system values – view the total operating hours of machinery and vehicles and detect unauthorised or unnecessary use
  • assign machines to employees – control employee access to machinery and monitor their use with our software
  • assign machines to geofences – ensure the working location and job sites of machines
  • set alerts for unauthorised use – receive instant alerts when a machine or vehicle has been used without permission, idling for too long, or used outside of their defined working area