Enhance construction worker management with ENAiKOON's hardware and software

GPS devices and telematics software collectively unite employee tasks with tracked machinery and equipment, and helps assign them to designated construction sites. The ENAiKOON telematics web portal, inViu pro, acts as an objective employee register, collecting pertinent information for project planning and overall construction worker management.

Human resources management

  • generate detailed and fully-configurable employee time sheets
  • analyse driver and operator behaviour
  • view driver information per equipment, in real time or historic reports
  • define machinery access control and set which employees can operate which machine
  • monitor employee working intervals in real time

Construction worker management by ENAiKOON

Areas of application

simpler and more reliable bookkeeping

Access data on employees per machine or construction site, along with their working hours and productivity level

Coordination of tasks

Send tasks, destinations and text messages directly to on-board communication devices or mobile-phones

Human ressources

Real-time data and reports that facilitate better task management, equipment coordination, and communication between the dispatcher and employees

Access control

Manage the use of machinery and vehicles so that only authorised employees can operate them