How can construction telematics help improve your business?

Construction telematics is the combination of telecommunication and informatics that allows the user to send and receive information through GPS tracking devices installed on mobile objects. Construction telematics almost always includes the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) along with mobile phones and the internet. This combination of hardware and software can help your company achieve its maximum potential in productivity, risk prevention, and efficiency.

Our customers can expect a quick return on investment, usually in only one to two months. 95% of our clients only spend 99 to 199 EUR per tracking device. The monthly software fee for access to the web portal varies between 5 and 25 EUR per tracking device.

ENAiKOON's construction telematics solution provides real-time information on your machinery and equipment, sends out urgent alerts via E-mail or text message (SMS), and creates reports on demand or automatically.

"I need to keep an eye on whether vehicles are being fully utilised and if our daily operations are being completed. Also, the equipment needs to be protected. With ENAiKOON's technology I can keep track of things and always know what's going on."
Uwe Rühlmann, Managing Director, Rühlmann-Bau, Winterfeld, Germany

How it works

ENAiKOON devices: the advanced, technical aspect of the devices allow it to locate and analyse a wide range of data.

The advanced, technical aspect of our devices allows them to locate any mobile object and analyse a wide range of collected data. The tracking device ENAiKOON locate-04 represents the locate series, which is a family of devices that can be optimised with the appropriate accessory.

inViu is ENAiKOON's online fleet and tracking management portal

Remotely control and manage your assets whenever you want with inViu pro seamlessly integrated into your business. A variety of software plugins allow you to create a tailored telematics solution designed to meet your construction company's needs.

ENAiKOON mobile: easily protect your business by keeping an eye on both your team and assets using our mobile business applications.

Mobile phone software complements ENAiKOON's modern telematics solution. Use the Android app, inViu routes, to send location information of your site manager and foreman to the online web portal, inViu web. Be able to view the location of all your construction equipment and vehicles and receive notifications whenever they enter or leave the construction site.

construction equipment rental

Create a better customer experience and reduce maintenance costs by tracking and monitoring your expensive vehicles and machinery

construction management

Save money by increasing efficiency, managing your assets, and knowing the exact location of your vehicles and machinery

ENAiKOON's maintenance program helps organise your fleet

Plan every upcoming inspection and routine maintenance that are determined by date, operating hours, or distance travelled