ENAiKOON's locate series:
GPS tracking devices for equipment

The ENAiKOON locate series uses GPS satellite positioning and mobile data communication to deliver status updates and GPS positions of your vehicles and mobile assets to inViu through our secure servers. Find out which GPS tracking devices for equipment are best suited for monitoring your assets.

Upgrade the ENAiKOON devices with our wide selection of accessories. Integrate displays for instant messaging, the driver-id identification system for timekeeping, or a temperature or motion sensor to monitor your machinery and equipment performance. View our full range of accessories to enhance your ENAiKOON solution.


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An overview of ENAiKOON products


With precise tracking, remote control, and monitoring capabilities, the ENAiKOON locate-04 is our clients' favourite GPS tracking device.


ENAiKOON locate-06 is both a GPS receiver and a GPRS / text message (SMS) sender. This device allows global positioning and communication between mobile assets.


With a battery life of up to 10 years, the ENAiKOON locate-15 is our most robust and durable GPS tracking device.


ENAiKOON locate-17 is a tracking device with waterproof housing and an internal antenna that transmits reliable GPS positions and travel speeds of trackables.


The patented ENAiKOON locate-60 is a GPS tracking device mounted inside a CEE plug, making it ideal for tracking machinery and equipment while preventing theft.


ENAiKOON SIM-card is a convenient, cost-effective solution for all telematics devices. Roaming is possible in different networks and at one rate for use in most countries.

ENAiKOON antenna

ENAiKOON antennas are essential to having accurate GPS reception. It is important to provide the correct antenna for each solution.

ENAiKOON driver-id

ENAiKOON driver-id provides access control when workers must identify themselves to use employee-specific machinery or to enter secured rooms. It is great for recording mobile and temporary workers' shifts at job sites.

ENAiKOON battery

ENAiKOON battery offers power for our devices that rely on an external power supply. Our batteries can last up to 10 years with one position report per day.

ENAiKOON temp-sensor

ENAiKOON  temp-sensor is used in the transport and logistics industries on construction equipment and machinery that must be maintained at certain temperatures.

ENAiKOON buzzer

The buzzer is ideal for confirming iButton entries while recording working hours in construction areas with a high noise level.

ENAiKOON camera

The ENAiKOON camera can be programmed to automatically take event-triggered photos according to pre-defined specifications. Pictures are immediately sent to inViu and can be viewed live from a remote location.