Android app: inViu routes

Install inViu routes on your mobile employees' Android phones and extend the tracking possibilities beyond inViu pro and GPS tracking devices!

This app allows the user to track construction equipment locations and team member whereabouts as well as manage location-based tasks on their mobile phone. It can also turn the mobile phone into a tracking device.

inViu routes serves as a cost-effective and practical accompaniment to the complete ENAiKOON construction management solution.

Benefits of inViu routes

  • requires no additional hardware
  • managers can spend more time out on the field and less time on the computer
  • conveniently displays all relevant information on the mobile phone

What you need to get started

Turn your mobile phone into
a GPS tracking device

GPS tracking device on mobile phone
  • save money on hardware
  • use one device for everything
  • convenient, practical, and intuitive

Monitor all trackables on
one map

Equipment tracking
  • track the locations of construction equipment, machinery, and employees
  • view all trackables, POIs, and routes on the easy-to-use OpenStreetMap
  • easy, on-the-go management of projects and trackables

Location-based alerts
and notifications

monitoring trackables
  • set reminders for when you enter or leave a defined geographical location (geofence)
  • get notified when monitored trackables enter or leave a geofence