Tracking Cell ID to location

Cell ID location tracking

If you are looking for a particular GSM cell tower, cell ID location or would like information such as the Cell-ID, MNC, MCC, or LAC of a GSM cell that you received from OpenCellID or another source, you can simply fill in the details of the GSM cell in the form on this page and click on "search". You will see the area that is covered by that cell tower on the map.

The radius of a GSM cell tower (a.k.a. base station, Base Transceiver Station) is said to reach up to 37.8 km (23.5 miles), but in reality this range is much lower due to reduced transmission power, smaller cell towers in urban areas, and terrain differences. The maximum radius for GSM cell towers, which is 34.88 km (21.6 miles), is normally only achieved in rural areas.

The pushpin shown does not represent the exact cell ID location but a pre-measured GPS position in this area.

Map data: OpenStreetMap© | ODbL 1.0, Tiles CC-BY-SA 2.0 | source of the routes: OSRM

Cell ID

A unique number used to identify the GSM base transceiver station the phone is connected to.

MNC - Mobile Network Code
This number is used to uniquely identify the GSM network operator in combination with the MCC the phone is currently connected to.

  • 00 - BT
  • 01 - UK01
  • 02 - O2 Telefonica
  • 03 - Airtel-Vodafone

MCC - Mobile Country Code
This is a unique number for the country with the GSM net the phone is currently connected to.

  • 235 - United Kingdom
  • 262 - Germany
  • 208 - France
  • 214 - Spain

LAC - Location Area Code
A 16-digit fixed length code that identifies the phone's location area within a GSM public land mobile network.

ENAiKOON Android Apps

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Use your android phone to find new Cell ID's while improving the database of the Open Cell ID project, an open source project to make Cell ID locations open to all.

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Locate friends and family while creating memories by marking points with pictures and notes.

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